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British Wildlife Photography Awards

British Wildlife Photography Awards

Sanderling by Danny Green

BWPAIn 2009 Maggie Gowan established the British Wildlife Photography Awards.

Now in their fourth year, the awards recognise the talents of wildlife photographers working in Britain, while at the same time highlighting the great wealth and diversity of Britain’s natural history. The driving motivation to set up the Awards evolved through the nation’s growing awareness of the environment and the need for its protection.

For full information about the awards and nationwide exhibition tour visit the BWPA website.

About Maggie

Maggie specialises in the creation and running of photographic exhibitions. Providing a wide array of museum and exhibition preparation services, she offers organisations the flexibility of holding valuable image-building exhibitions without the need to maintain a permanent staff resource.

Services run from initial conceptualisation, curatorial research, commissioning and management of photography and artworks, venue and tour management, exhibition design, publication design and publishing, through to follow-up services such as digital imaging, framing, crating and shipping. 

Maggie has considerable experience of both historic and contemporary collections, and of constructing brand values via emotive, high quality, high impact imagery. Read more about her services and about her background.


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